The Gospel for a Preschooler

Jon Stovell, Jul 25, 2018, 9:02 PM
Jon Stovell National Theological Consultant

We had a great time in the Children's Ministry session at Portage this afternoon. I had the privilege of sharing some thoughts on "The Gospel for a Preschooler," then Anna Summach and Ruth Weibe gave some wonderfully insightful feedback and reflections, and then we opened the room up to a brilliant, multifaceted conversation about how we in the Vineyard can help our kids to be active disciples of Jesus and participants in the work of his kingdom right from a young age. It was great! :)

Since some folks in the room seemed to find the material helpful, I have attached below a PDF copy of the slides and my outline notes. If anyone wants to comment or further the discussion we started during the live session today, please by all means do so by replying below!